Get more direct bookings
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Upmargin optimises your hotel’s digital re-marketing campaigns.  We target users who have already visited your site but have never booked.

High ROI

Your remarketing campaigns will be optimised for maximum ROI. We will choose the right audience that converts.


All your remarketing campaigns will be tracked. You will know exactly how much revenue you’re getting from your marketing budget.

Mobile Campaigns

Your banners will be displayed on any mobile device. This increases the number of repeat visitors to your site. More traffic = more bookings

How can we help you?

Our in-depth analysis goes a long way in terms of strategy and planning. Once we’ve established an airtight plan of action, we will then handle every aspect of your campaign, sending targeted messages to your future guests prompting them to return to your site and finish their booking.

Now, we’re not talking about just any old run-of-the-mill ad campaign. We tailor every banner to the customer you’re looking to reach, based on the content they viewed on your site. What’s more, we are on the ball with every ad that’s clicked, giving extra nudges until you land that booking. Your ads are displayed on several ad networks such as Google, Facebook and Bing.

Planning  Hotel campaign.  Target users

Why choose us?

Know-how through experience goes a long way. We’ve distilled our years of work in optimising ROI, and this is proven in our recent work for several 5-Star hotels that have delivered unprecedented results. We combine effective logic, effective tools and expert know-how to deliver exceptional results every time.

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